Tom Hiddleston seen dressed in costume while filming scenes for the new horror movie ‘Crimson Peak’ in Toronto on April 16, 2014 [HQ]

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[A]lmost all of the ninety-nine female medical residents at Southern University interviewed by sociologist Susan Hinze reported experiencing “sexual harassment that makes the workplace intimidating, hostile, or offensive.” Surgery, the most prestigious branch of medicine, offered by far the most hostile environment to women. Yet the recurring theme in Hinze’s follow-up interviews was no anger, or even victimhood, but [the women wondering] whether [they] were being overly sensitive to sexist and demeaning treatment. For example, a woman who was repeatedly patted on the behind by an anesthesiology attending physician wondered whether the discomfort this caused her was a sign she was being too sensitive. She deliberated on whether, if she mentioned it, her colleagues would say ‘whooa, she’s a real bitch, she’s sure uptight, she’s sure sensitive…’ …And female medical students offended by one surgeon’s habit of referring to them as ‘little girl’ were denounced as ‘hypersensitive’ by a male peer who suggested that women’s ‘nerve endings’ are ‘absolutely naked’ and thus primed to take offense.
But contrary to this opinion, the female residents actually seemed to be working hard to, as Hinze suggests, ‘downplay the incidents and view them as a “normal” part of a bruising training experience’…and to either ignore it (‘I’m in surgery; I can’t sweat the small stuff’) or see the need for change in themselves rather than in those who harassed them… One surgery resident described the experience of discovering in the restrooms an explicit cartoon of herself, bent over, and her mentor engaged in sexual intercourse. Another resident had added an arrow and the comment that he wished he could be in the latter’s position. …[S]he filed no complaint but looked to herself to adapt to the hostile environment…without any expectation that she should not have to deal with this kind of treatment at work.

from Delusions of Gender: How Our Minds, Society, and Neurosexism Create Difference

Men perpetuate this idea that women, especially feminists, love to make themselves into victims, but the opposite is true: women over and over cope with being victimized by harassment, assault and even rape by blaming themselves, mitigating what happened to them, and/or sucking it up and keeping it to themselves. The fear of being oversensitive or perceived as oversensitive keeps women in check.

I’ll be quoting a lot from this book on my blog as I read it with the caveat that it’s really white-centric and cis-centric. I wish it included women who are of color and/or trans more than it does and aspects of it are very white feminist (tm), but it includes a lot of important studies about sexism still permeates our society, how sexism impacts women on a subconscious and profound level, and how “different gendered minds” is a groundless myth

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Friends, join me in this prayer circle in hopes that Finn Polmar does not become a romantic interest for Alicia Florrick.


I’m sorry Will.  I really am.  It’s good we still have Matthew Goode.

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#and in this moment I swear we were all alicia florrick

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thegoodwife 1.17 “Heart”


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S01E02, “Stripped”

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